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'Soon Gone (Five of Ten)' up on Soundcloud NOW! …WARNING! …Expect new ditty, song language & scenes of island's

Soon Gone (Happy Accidents/Five of Ten) brings to the halfway point…See Bob Ross inspired video http://bit.ly/TAhe6l

Here’s number three of ten from the Happy Accidents album. Also check out the video filme din two countries.

Counting sheep is the second release from my debut solo album Happy Accidents. Each song released with a video monthly.

Loyal-Tea is the first release from my debut solo album Happy Accidents! If you like the song, check out the video also

European bookings: frank@bureau45.com

UK Booking: klumzy.tung@gmail.com

Austria Bookings: dero@tiefparterre.net

Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung

Shindig titans Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung are a DJ/MC Soundsystem & Songwriting Production Team from Graz, Austria & London, England. Renowned for their energetic live show; an eclectic journey through upbeat hip hop, funk, roots, electro, dubstep and drum n bass; combining original songs, timeless classics, new releases, exclusive mash-ups, turntablism, MPC and comical participated freestyle!

They first joined forces in 2006; fusing their widespread musical influences cultivated against the backdrops of their contrasting environments, creating a melting-pot of diverse musical elements, many of which can be found crammed into their recent offering "THE BOOK US MIXTAPE".

They are currently showcasing Klumzy Tung’s acoustic based debut solo album “HAPPY ACCIDENTS”, produced by Mr.Dero. Released on their independent label Tiefparterre, single by single, month by month, with a music video and remix accompanying each of the 10 songs! - Beginning May 2012.

The live show also uses technology to create on-the-spot improvised songs; including the ability to sample crowd members via microphone for Mr.Dero to then scratch as audio on the turntables; and the ‘Klumzy Word Generator’, taking words from the audience and inputting them into a software which projects them randomly on screen for Klumzy Tung to incorporate into a freestyle song!

Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung also perform songs from 2010 release “THE LITTLE THINGS” EP which features musical friends Farina Miss, Beardyman, JFB, DJ Vadim, JStar & Amtrak. The EP spent many weeks at number 1 on junodownload.com. In 2011 the single “HEADSCREWS” featured in UK’s Worldwide hit TV show “Skins”, and charted in the top 30 of UK, Ireland & Spain’s ‘i-Tunes Hip Hop & Rap Charts’!

*** Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung - Vitalising dance floors across the globe since 2006 ***

@codamusicuk new ‘Guerrilla Tactics’ EP and UK Tour kicks off Thursday @ Corsica Studios in London.

Hey people.

Coda’s new ‘Guerrilla Tactics’ EP and UK Tour kicks off this Thursday at Corsica Studios in London. 

They’re a sick live Dubstep band and well worth checking. 

Visit there new FB page for loads of free downloads, to preview their EP and watch their video… If dubstep gets your wabs flowing then you will not be disappointed!


The jam of the beginnings of an idea of a concept of a concert that will maybe one day happen at some point probably…